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  Art can be perceived in two different ways. It can be perceived for its artistic quality, or for its value. To be honest, the latter corrupts the point of art in the first place. Watches have seen the same duality of perception. Luxury watches are priced with a larger priority given to the brand, rather than its crafted design, and that makes watches more expensive than they should be, says Rafael Miranda, the founder/designer of DWISS. Eliminating the brand and its corporate framework, DWISS is all about the watch’s physical and emotional beauty, not a price-tag that tells the time. DWISS positions itself as a watch with a production cycle that directly connects the designer to the watch-maker to the watch-loving customer. Eliminating the brand not only drastically brings down the price, but it more importantly makes the watch more about art, than commerce. (I give that my thumbs up!)

  The DWISS M2 comes from designers and craftsmen with a decade of experience in the watch-making world. Each timepiece is state of the art, and assembled with the intricate perfection one expects from Swiss watches. The hallmark of the DWISS M2 also lies in its unique way or presenting the time. The time is laid out in a concentric pattern with hours on the outside, minutes on the inside, and seconds right in between. Its visual complexity still allows us to intuitively read the time. The watch comes in a dashing melange of anodized brushed stainless steel and rubber. The glass covering the watch dial is made from the finest sapphire crystal, known for its stellar finish and impact-resistance. The watch comes in both vibrant and somber design variations. Choose a color that goes with your personality, or something classic that fits all trends… or choose both! The DWISS M2 provides a beautiful, immaculate, Swiss time-keeping experience with promise; and at its ‘true’ price, you could choose to own more than one! Hurry though, they’re limited edition!

Designer: Rafael Miranda [ BUY IT HERE ]












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