Touch and Glow



  The expansion of smart-homes and app-controlled EVERYTHING can be as confusing as it is convenient. Not only that, but the remote operation of our everyday objects attributes to our being out-of-touch (literally and figuratively) with our stuff! Inspired by this notion, the MATlamp aims to change the way we interact with lights in our homes by reconnecting product and user through direct physical interaction. Rotating the front plate of the lamp switches it on and off, and controls the brightness of the lamp. The advantages of this active, involved interaction is that the user forms a connection with the product, and is made more conscious of the effects of the lamp and light. This in turn, makes for a closer relationship between user and product.

  MATlamp has a very simple, yet effective mounting mechanism to allow it to be easily removed if necessary, without needing any tools. The interlocking, sliding mount holds the lamp in place very securely, while still allowing it to be removed easily.

Designer: Nikola Gaytandjiev




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